Anna University CGPA Calculator GPA & CGPA to Percentage conversion Free download Online

Anna University CGPA Calculator GPA & CGPA to Percentage conversion Free download Online

The Anna university CGPA calculator is now given here for all UG and PG (B.E, B.Tech, M.E, MBA, MCA, MTech) of regulation 2008 and 2013.

As all the students will be very excited to check their overall CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) as if the Anna university results released. Now you can calculate the GPA and CGPA here manually by following the steps as given

As I am studying 5th semester currently? How can I calculate my overall CGPA till 5th sem?

As you can calculate it by manually by using the formula or you can also use the app to calculate it. Below we ( team had given you the steps to do CGPA Calculation for Anna university (Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Madurai)

How to Calculate Anna University GPA & CGPA Online – Regulation 2008 | 2013

Anna University CGPA Calculator

CGPA calculator for Anna university

Anna university will conduct the odd and even semester exams twice during the May and November. Anna univ results will be displayed in grade points. Might some students will be confusing on how to calculate the GPA & CGPA. As we have given you the clear instructions on how to calculate it manually.

  • Anna university CGPA calculation (reg 2008 and 2013)

Anna Univ GPA and CGPA calculation formula are same for all Engineering as well as Management courses of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final year. Students having arrear can also have to follow this same method.

Anna University CGPA to Percentage Conversion – BE BTech ME MTech MCA MBA

How to calculate CGPA for Anna university online? Do you want to get an answer for it, then read below.

GPA formula for Anna university:

GPA formula

Anna University GPA calculation method:

For example: If a student is getting the grade points in 4th semester as given.

Subject name Grade points secured Credits Assigned to the subject (Ci) Grade point (GPi) Ci * GPi
Communication theory B 4 8 8*4 = 32
Electronic circuits A 4 8 8*4 = 32
Electromagnetic fields B 4 9 9*4 = 36
Linear Integrated circuits A 3 9 9*3 = 27
Control systems A 3 9 9*3 = 27
Probability and Random Process A 4 9 9*4 = 36
Electronics II and Simulation lab C 2 10 10*2 = 20
Linear Integrated circuits lab S 2 10 10*2 = 20
Electrical engineering and control systems lab A 2 9 9*2 = 18
—- —- Sum of (Ci) is 28 Sum of (Ci * GPi) is 248
  • Divide the GPi by Ci to get your GPA (i.e) 248 | 28 = 8.85
  • Now the student GPA of 4th semester if 8.85

Anna University CGPA formula:

Anna University formula for CGPA

How to calculate the Anna university CGPA? It is same as we have done earlier for calculating the GPA.

For example: Assume if a student is getting a GPA from 1st to 8th semester as given below.

Semester GPA (GPi) Credits earned by a student in each sem (Ci) Ci * GPi
First sem 7.308 26 7.306 * 26 = 190.008
Second sem 8.429 54 8.429 * 54 = 455.166
Third sem 7.889 137 7.889 * 137 = 1080.793
Fourth sem 8.071 82 8.071 * 82 = 661.822
Fifth sem 8.714 110 8.714 * 110 = 958.54
Sixth sem 8.160 162 8.160 * 162 = 1321.92
Seventh sem 8.545 184 8.545 * 184 = 1572.28
Eighth sem 9.000 196 9.0* 196 = 1764.00
—- —- Sum of (Ci) is 951 Sum of (Ci * GPi) is 8004.521
  • As now you can divide the final answer of (Ci * GPi) by (Ci). (i.e) 8004.521/951 = 8.41
  • By the above calculation the student CGPA is 8.41.

If you don’t know your credit points, then refer to the Anna university marksheets. Sure, you can get your credit points for all the semester (First, Second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, Eighth) from it.

  • Anna University GPA to CGPA calculator (Semester wise)
  • Anna university CGPA to percentage conversion formula formula – (CGPA*10)

Soon our team will provide you the CGPA calculator for Anna university (Chennai, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Madurai) for all the departments (ECE, EEE, CSE, Mechanical, IT, E&I, Civil, Biomedical and also for other Engineering departments).

Hope you would have cleared in calculating the GPA and CGPA of Anna university. If you have any doubts on it, then comment below. As our team will reply you soon regarding the doubts. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

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