Anna university Grace Marks 2016 Nov Dec Jan 1 3 5 7 Sem – BE/BTech

Anna university Grace Marks 2016 Nov Dec Jan 1st 3rd 5th 7th Semester – BE/BTech

If you have finished the semester exams and you are waiting for your result, then just predict your marks here by reading this page. Here we have given you the Anna university grace marks 2016 of UG and PG (Engineering and management courses).

Anna university had conducted the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semester exams in the November, December and January month. Every year the sem exams will be over in one or two months for all branches. But this time due to the heavy rain in Chennai and also some students had lost their books in the flood, Anna university had postponed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and final year exams.

Anna University Grace Mark details 2015-16 – 1st 2nd 3rd final year Engineering

Anna university had announced the rescheduled time table for all the branches and as per the schedule the odd semester exams were completed atlast in January month. In some branches, the question is asked from the out of syllabus/portions.

Anna university will award the grace mark, if the students had attended it in the exam.

Anna university grace mark 2016 – Odd semester Nov Dec exam

Maths 3rd Semester (TPDE) – Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • 2 marks (3 and 7)
  • 11 (B) – 16 Marks
  • 13 (A) – 16 Marks
  • 15 (B) II – 16 Marks

Antenna and wave propagation – 7th Semester ECE

  • 16 marks: 15 (A) and 15 (B)

Digital Signal Processing (CS2403)

  • 8 Marks – 13 (B) I

Dynamics of Machinery (ME2302)

  • 13 (B) – 16 Marks
  • 15 (B) I – 12 Marks

Mechatronics (ME2401)

  • 15 (A) – 16 Marks
  • 15 (B) – 16 Marks

Computer Networks (CS2302)

  • 11 (A) I – 8 Marks
  • 15 (B) – 16 Marks

Principles of Management (MG2351)

  • 12 (B) – 16 Marks

Antenna and Wave Propagation (EC2353)

  • 15 (A) – 16 Marks
  • 15 (B) – 16 Marks

Theory of Computation (CS2303)

  • 11 (A) I – 8 Marks
  • 14 (B) – 16 Marks

Principles of Digital Signal Processing (EC6502)

  • Part A – (1, 2 and 4) – 2 Marks
  • 11 (A) I – 6 Marks
  • 11 (B) I – 4 Marks
  • 12 (A) I – 4 Marks
  • 13 (A) I & II – 12 Marks
  • 13 (B) I & II – 12 Marks
  • 14 (A) II – 8 Marks
  • 15 (A) I & II – 12 Marks
  • 15 (B) I & II – 12 Marks

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery (ME2204)

  • Part A – 2 Marks (6, 10)
  • 11 (A) I – 10 Marks
  • 11 (B)  – 16 Marks
  • 12 (A) – 10 Marks
  • 13 (A) I – 6 Marks

Grace mark will be awarded for three main reasons:

  • If the question is asked from out of portion.
  • Questions has any error or printing mistakes.
  • The question cannot be solved or proved (meaningless questions).

This time also students are saying that one or two questions were asked from the out of syllabus in some subjects in (1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semester).

Anna univ Grace marks 2016 will be given if you had attended the particular question. If not, then no marks will be awarded.

Anna Univ Odd Semester Grace Marks Nov Dec 2015 Exam

Anna university grace marks 2016

Anna university grace mark details Nov Dec 2015-16

Grace marks will be given for the below subjects, if the question is asked from the out of portion.

  • Engineering Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and also for other department subjects (ECE, CSE, EEE, IT, Mechanical, Civil, E&I) also.

Get here: Anna university reopening date 2016

  • ECE: Maths (Transforms and Partial differential equation) – 3rd Semester

Students expecting the grace marks for the M3 paper, as the part b (13) question has some printing mistakes in the limits and one or two questions is also meaningless (which cannot be solved). Till there is no information about it. Soon we will update if we got any official news.

TPDE (Transforms and partial differential equations): ECE 3rd Semester M3 Grace marks was now released by the Anna university

Grace marks are awarded for the subjects as mentioned. Clear details will be updated soon.

  • RF and Microwave Engineering (EC2403) – Soon updated
  • Wireless communication: IT6801

Students who had attended these questions will be given grace marks.

We will be informing you the extra marks that was awarded for the Nov, Dec and Jan exams. Students who had written the BE/BTech engineering exams can get their extra mark details here.

Anna university is located in Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli. Question paper will be varied for these places.

Comment below your subject name, code, department, year and question number below to check whether the Anna university had given Grace marks for that question or not.

Our team will inform you the latest updates here on this page. So stay tuned to get more recent news.

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  1. Sir/mam,
    Pl tell us wethear we are having grace mark for ec-1 2013reg 3Rd sem or not.
    Bcz lots of errors in that question paper.12) a ( not comes under 2nd unit…) 14) b (instead of moset or bjt they asked high frequency analysis of jfet..jfet not covers in t syllabus 15) a having some printing mistakes instead of cmos there is mos diff amp with active. .

  2. Is there any grace marks for EC6303 Electronic circuits 1..In question 12 (b) the question was asked under the reg of 2008..Will you provide any grace marks for it.

  3. sir, ec-1(6304) –>12(a) question not covered in there is any grace mark for it.And the question paper was too tough…….so,plz try to gave the grace mark

  4. Control system was very tough one 2 mark also we don’t know pls give grace mark… Its a problematic but fully theory was asked so pls give grace mark

  5. ECE 3rd sem
    QP CODE ;27327-TPDE;part-B 11)b;……13)a..(wrong limits)……

    QP CODE;27190-SS; Part-B 15)b

    digital electronics;part-B 15)b different method of race free state assignment

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